Tzolkin Corporation is the leader in developing and marketing dynamic DNS solutions. Tzolkin offers a suite of products and services built upon its expertise in Internet dynamic DNS systems. With customers in over 70 countries, Tzolkin is at the forefront providing dynamic DNS-related services that allow organizations and individuals to increase the value and utility of their Internet connections.
  Works like a static IP but cost less.   “Always-On … Always-Up” web accessibility.  
  You can host your own web server, email server, and more even if you have a dynamic IP address! Award-winning TZO service is simple, reliable, and inexpensive.   TZO-HA is a next generation software solution
that brings TZO’s Autofailover product set to a
completely new level. TZO-HA includes features
such as; dynamic DNS, auto-failover capabilities,
server monitoring and load-balancing, to name
a few. For the first time, a reliable, cost effective,
highly available solution that delivers business
class web accessibility.
  New Photo Server also included. Create your
own photo album site to share pictures with
family and friends. Its easy and Free!
  TZO DNS standard service - $24.95 a year   TZO HA single server - $69.95 monthly  

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